Gerry Ugalde Coaching is a support network.

My mission is to work with women, especially mothers, caregivers and teachers, to thrive in the face of change and challenge. By using fitness, nutrition and reflection my goal is to draw on the body’s natural desire to be strong and free. The potential and power that are locked inside of every woman’s spirit is a magical force. That force is strengthened when a woman gives so much of herself to help others; it also needs to be reinvigorated so that each woman can take the best care of herself.

This initiative was born from my first endeavour post diagnosis: Activa NOW! The word activa is an adjective in Spanish that is used to describe an active person. More importantly it also means activate, as in set something in motion, you! It has taken me MANY months to decide that Activa NOW was only meant to be my jumping off point.

I created Activa NOW! after 13 years in the fitness business as a swim instructor, lifeguard, personal trainer and Spinning instructor. I even ran a small cycling tour company in Cuba and has ridden across the island, twice.¬† Having taken my own health and physical abilities for granted until 2009 when I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, I now look at fitness not as something we do for the sake of looking and feeling great only, but as a celebration of having the ability to move. So while I have completed an Ironman and has run more marathons and half marathons than I can count on two hands, my biggest physical accomplishments have been fighting for my life and giving birth to two wonderful boys. My experience as a teacher has shown me that young woman today need more guidance than ever to fight all the noise about what it means to be a woman. My approach to fitness is that functionality should be our first concern, performance our second. When not managing her household, chronic illness and my other diverse interests, I’m usually¬† chasing the boys on bike through lane ways, reading or dreaming of completing our retirement home in Cuba with my husband.

Personal Coaching
“Wait, don’t you mean personal training?” Quite similar, but not the same. My goal is to work with you on a fitness and activity plan. While I’m happy to write out reps and sets, I’m more excited about what the whole plan looks like and how I can support you in using fitness and wellness to create a full and vibrant life.

100_1065Everyone has a “thing” they want to do, we all need support reaching our goals. Having completed an Ironman, cycled across Cuba and then faced a life threatening illness, I know goals and aspirations. If it’s your turn to break through or break out of patterns that aren’t getting you anywhere, send me an email or give me a call. I would love to chat and figure out how we can work together toward the life you dream of living.

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